Wednesday, December 23, 2009

the holidays far!

why is it i'm always playing catch up with this thing? i'm really trying to stay on top of this blog, but sometimes i just can't make time.
so as of today, Christmas Eve, our december has been completely packed. aside from three birthdays so far, we've seen two school pageants, done lots of christmas shopping and baking, & we had our Hines family christmas fondue and raquelette last weekend. no pictures so far, but it was a great time as always and the food was DELISH! thanks mom & dad for all the preperation! mom hired a sitter to keep an eye on all the kiddos while we sat in privacy to chow down. after dinner and dessert, there was a little surprise......

a knock on the door & guess who walked through?
jolly saint nick w/a ho ho and jingle too!
he brought presents for good little boys and little girls
although one was afraid, most looked surreal.
we all sat on his lap to tell him our wishes,
and loaded him up with hugs, smiles, and kisses.
there were toys galore and candies and treats,
this memory we've made is endearing and sweet.
all the kids went back home with their hearts full of joy
a nice sugar high and a new christmas toy!

after the first snow fall last week we did a little playing. well, actually more like rykon played and rich and i pulled him, pretending to be his reindeer of course!

santa was spotted atop a chimney

snow icecream was made and eaten

christmas pictures have been taken (some they weren't so happy about :O)

and the 1st christmas program went great. rykon managed to get the mich (i think he had it planned the whole time :O) and i totalled it up....i had 6 neices and nephews in the program this year. lucas, presleigh, anneliese, peyton, emily, & taylor. definately the stars of the show (in a biased, auntie kind of way!)

all in all. it's been good so far. we've managed to experience all the traditions we love about this magical season and still make sure that we don't forget that Jesus is the center of all we celebrate.
merry christmas to all my fellow bloggers! can't wait to read about your holiday.

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Nicole said...

love it steph! i have enjoyed sharing some of those memories with you. what fun family traditions as well! take care friend and enjoy the rest of your day.