Sunday, February 14, 2010

treasure valley deals, steals, and discounts 1,2,&3

i've decided to starting sharing all the great deals i found around town on my blog. why? just because. i'm the kind of person who's always loved including everyone in what i'm doing. i'm known to probably be too social for my own good :O)
i'm always coming across things i think are really cool and very helpful in saving me some money. i love telling people about it but don't always get around to it. so, i will be sharing them here on my blog. it will automatically post to my facebook page so everyone can share in the information. if you come across anything great, please share w/us by leaving a comment on my post and i will post it on my blog.
#1 - a free movie.
overland park cinemas is offering a free movie tomorrow morning.
there are three shows to choose from.
9:45, 10:00, and 10:45am.
if you choose, you can make a donation that will go towards helping the people of Haiti. otherwise, you only pay for snacks/drinks.

#2 - Fred meyer has Kettle brank chips....the BIG bags, for $2.50.
#3 - If you're looking for a warm drink for you kiddos, check out dutch brothers.
they have a "not so hot chocolate" that comes in a great little plastic cup. it has a lid and rubber straw that bends so spills are very minimal. the bonus is it's all re-usable. all this for only about $1.50. a great deal in my opinion.

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Alisha Beverly said...

Share away my friend! I love hearing about steal of a deals!